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A video installation especially conceived for the Athénée Palace, at the historical Crosnier ballroom, Geneva. The video tells the story of a women before her expulsion from Switzerland, thought a voice over telling her dreams. The images are long static shots, turned over a year in public and private places in Geneva. The installation includes two photographs and the video projection. Both photos are accurate reconstructions of two scenes of the Christmas Dream, one of the most complex and scripted dreams of the video. The two photographs and their giant size make the unreality of dreams meet the reality of the exhibition space. Shot by the photographer Sandra Pointet they are made according to specific perspectives, once incorporated into the walls of the Crosnier ballroom, they aim to duplicate the exhibition place geometry and introduce a mental space, a projection surface. 

photos and video 
Prize of the Société des arts
winner of the FMAC scolarship for contemporary art
Trittico Nights
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